Second wheel

I finished the front wheel of the set I am building. This one was much easier than the rear. Being OCD is not the easiest thing when building wheels. It's almost impossible to get it perfectly true. I figure that .004" is good enough. That's 0.1mm for you metric folk.

Selle Italia

In talking with my wife, we decided that rather than have her listen to how much my butt hurts, I would just go ahead and order a seat to try.  So here is the first candidate... Selle Italia Max SLR Gel Flow Vanox I will post a review after a few 2+ hour rides.

Aero Bars

I have decided on the Profile Design T3+ Aluminum Aerobar this is based both on comfort, weight, durability, and ease of adjustment.  I will be adding them to the bike shortly so that I can train in the position that I will be riding in.  

New pedals and cleats

Like I mentioned in a few of my pages, the whole basis of building up my bike is to use the most commonly available parts that I can source here in the US. To this end I have decided to go with Shimano for the majority of components.  Today on amazon I found R8000 Ultegra... Continue Reading →

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