My name is Douglas Tripple, most of my friends call me Doug (among other names not appropriate for a public blog).  I am 44 as of this moment and I have the urge to do something EPIC  like ride my bike across the country.  I have started this blog/website to chronicle my trials and tribulations about the process of preparing for, qualifying for, and eventually riding in the RAAM.  I will do my best to keep this up to date in both my failures and my successes. So about me…..

I am the proud father of 4 children ranging in age from 18-5. The youngest two are 5 (yes twins).  I have the most amazing and supportive family that a guy could ask for.  My wife is supportive in all of my seemingly random endeavors, from 3d printing to wanting to spend upwards of 2 weeks on a bicycle.  During the day I am a computer engineer for a large financial company. I retired from the Des Moines fire department back in 2015 after 11+ years on the job.  I still maintain my paramedic certificate, but I am not sure for how much longer.  Before the fire department I worked in various roles in IT for several years.  I also served in the US Navy as a Machinist Mate 2nd class (SS). Yes I was a nuke.  I graduated from high school in 1993 in a small town in upstate NY.

The real question is why would I want to do the RAAM challenge, or the RAAM ?

To be honest, i don’t have a real reason for wanting to do it.  I just do.

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